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“AMPIR” Company is a national distributor of premium decorative materials for contemporary or classic interior design.

For 11 years, we have been successfully cooperating with architects, designers and decorators. Among our partners are numerous show rooms located all over Ukraine.

The company’s specialists consistently check for new products from manufacturers. Our knowledge and experience will help you in the implementation of the most unique projects.

Each new product is love at first sight, at first touch. This is a new opportunity for self-expression. After all, each of us is unique, so why not reflect this in the interior?



We represent three market directions:


“AMPIR” Company is an exclusive partner of Belgium producer ORAC Decor in Ukraine.

In our catalogue you may find the product range of all architectural styles and trends.

Architects and designers use polyurethane decorative moulding due to its advantages such as: simple installation, high strength and durability, absolute harmlessness to human health and environment.

The interior decoration with polyurethane moulding gives the room greatness and grace.


Developed specifically for aplication of ORAC Decor products.

The range of adhesives gives you a full guarantee and offers the right solution for installation both inside and out, in dry or damp areas and for light or heavy profiles.


For our customers of sophisticated taste, those who cherish cosiness, we will select exclusive wallpaper for your interior. Our Catalogue presents the best world’s leading brands of wallpaper, such as: Smith & Fellow, Sandudd, Atlas.



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