Natalia Poplavskaya

Natalia Poplavskaya

The Interior of the Diner-Cafe "PARKCAFE".

Designer Natalia Poplavskaya started conceptual phase in March. Natalia wanted to deliver the spirit of spring and warmth to visitors all the year.

And soon the PARKCAFE cafe was opened to public.



Decent interior and smart space planning are prescribed conditions for commercial success.

Entering the facility we pass a bar counter, high bar tables and get to the food serving line, which is separated by cash desks.


The visitors’ most habitat seats are those in “metal houses”. It seems like you are in another dimension in the very heart of spring.

The cafe is crowded, therefore, shockproof skirting boards from Orac – SX162, SX163 were chosen.

A key factor giving this place a special vibe is a colour composition. This is a combination of pastel shades of mint and coral. All this tenderness and light infantilism is diluted with a lot of natural greens.

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