The interior of “PRIAMYI” TV channel’s office and studio that are located on the 24th floor of the capital's business center “Parus”.

Architects Andrii Bochula and Mariia Verhezova got a bare space with a total area of 870 sq.m.

4 months later a stylish open-space, including a hardware-studio complex, newsroom, shooting area, office workspace and even an actual lounge area saluted the customers.

“PRIAMYI” TV channel is a comfortable environment for increased productivity and inspiration.

The designers managed to organically place 5 TV studios, a meeting room, a kitchen, a lounge area, as well as organize workplaces for 300 TV channel employees.


Each zone of the office and TV studio is developed individually, but at the same time as a single concept.

Nothing but natural materials, such as wood, metal, glass and natural fabrics we used for interior decoration.

The frames P8030 and the divider P8020 are painted to match the wall. PX103 external frames and P8030, P8030D internal panels complemented the overall composition, giving the charm to space.

A magnificent City view, a sort of Ukrainian New York is the cherry on the cake. The peculiarity is that the lighting changes over the day.

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